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Visiting Expo

Welcome to the area’s best destination for shows that entertain and excite!

We work hard with each show’s team to ensure that attending an event at Expo is an easy, positive experience for you.

With our accessible location, our ample free parking, and the wide variety of surrounding amenities and attractions, we are confident that you will enjoy your visit!

Navigating the Calendar

There are three types of events at Expo: Public Events, Private Events, and Trade Shows.

In general Private Events are invitation-only; Trade Shows are geared towards members of a particular industry; and Public Events are open to everyone. Each event has its own ticketing and attendance policies, and we encourage you to explore each show’s website to find out how to attend. Please note, we do not sell event tickets through this website!

As you explore our Calendar, you will find basic information about each event, provided by the event itself. Since last-minute changes do happen, if you find a discrepancy between our description and the one you find on the event’s website, please contact the event organizer for clarification.

Buying Tickets

While Expo hosts events, we do not handle ticket sales. Each show organizer team determines how tickets are sold for their event.

Tickets for most events can be bought on the individual show’s website, and frequently can also be bought at the door. Only the event’s promoters will know what their plan is, however, so you will need to visit the event’s website for details.

For your convenience, we have linked to each event’s webpage from our calendar! Simply click on the event, and follow the link at the bottom of the description to find out more.

Keeping in Touch

If you want to keep up-to-date on what events are coming to Expo, you have a number of options!

You can subscribe to our Calendar using RSS, you can keep in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter, or you can sign up for our Newsletter. Our Newsletter is a quick, readable digest sent out every month or two, updating you on the shows that are coming to our facility. You can sign up here!

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