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USA Powerlifting Collegiate Nationals

Public Event in Hall C

November 22, 6:30 am2:30 pm

Spectators are welcomed for each session, starting 30 minutes prior to the start of the session. Masks and health checks will be required for 100% of individuals

Tentative Lifting schedule
Friday - PM Session – 12 PM Weigh-In – 2 PM Start
Women - 43kg (94.7lbs)
Women - 47kg (103.6lbs)
Women - 52kg (114.6lbs)
Men - 53kg (116.8lbs)
Men - 59kg (130.0lbs)
Men - 66kg (145.5lbs)
Women - 57kg (125.6lbs)
Men - 74kg (163.1lbs)

Saturday AM Session – 7 AM Weigh-In – 9 AM Start
Women - 63kg (138.8lbs)
Women - 72kg (158.7lbs)
Men - 83kg (182.9lbs)

Saturday PM Session – 2 PM Weigh-In – 4 PM Start
Men - 93kg (205.0lbs)
Women - 84kg (185.1lbs)
Women - Over 84kg (Over 185.1lbs)

Sunday AM Session – 7 AM Weigh-In – 9 AM Start
Men - 105kg (231.4lbs)
Men - 120kg (264.5lbs)
Men - Over 120kg (Over 264.5lbs)

Updated Roster

New Lifters Enter Now

If you entered and were eligible for our April 2020 event you are good to lift. We will need you to revalidate you are coming, but your entry is good for the rescheduled date. 

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