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21st National Model Trolley Meet

Public Event

  • May 3 11:00 am 6:00 pm
  • May 4 9:00 am 11:00 pm

the largest trolley-only model meet in the country

The meet draws the premier modelers and manufacturers from all over the country for a weekend of viewing models, layouts, films, photos, slides, model contests, and “how-to” clinics on subjects ranging from hanging trolley wire to modeling subway cars.

In addition, the latest in trolley kits, parts, bodies, etc. are offered for sale as is prototype data such as photos and books.share an interest in the history and/or modeling of streetcars, trolleys, interurbans, subway or rapid transit cars, light rail vehicles or any other aspects of electric transit railroading, prototype or model.

The East Penn Traction Club is a group based in the Philadelphia Delaware Valley, with over 300 members across the U.S. Their common interest is the history and modeling of electric-powered rail transit vehicles, known more affectionately as trolley cars. The models actually take their operating current off of the miniature overhead wire, just as the real ones do.

Did you know....

The term "traction" refers to the early name given to the use of electric motors to power trolley cars. During their time of invention, these motors came to be known as "traction motors". Therefore, the word traction has come to re-fer to the entire family of electrically-powered rail vehicles including streetcars, interurbans and rapid transit cars.

Hope to see you at the meet!

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