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2014 CFA World Championship Cat Show

Public Event

  • November 22 8:30 am 5:00 pm
  • November 23 8:30 am 4:30 pm

Join Garfield and 1,000 of his feline friends for the 2014 Cat Fanciers Association World Championship Cat Show!

Have your picture taken with Garfield, CFA’s Spokes Cat, check out the educational possibilities and many cat product vendors, and take part in many fun activities the whole family can enjoy, including face painting!


18 judges will evaluate the largest number of cats assembled in one place all year. 1,000 cats will compete for prizes and world-wide honors. Be sure to root for your favorite. Will it be a Persian with hair draping to the floor? Will it be a sleek Siamese? How about the USA’s home-made breed, the Maine Coon Cat?


While at the show check out the Agility ring. It’s not just for dogs any more. Watch cats run a timed course made up of tunnels, stairs, hoops, etc. The cats who make it through the entire course with the fastest times are the winners!


The show provides an Education Ring where experts explain the many, varied breeds of cats which includes the breed’s history, personality, physical appearance, etc. Speakers will also include tips on how to train your cat and which breed of cat will best suit your family’s needs. Check out the full agenda here.

The show will also have 40 Breed Booths with information on the many, varied breeds of cats available today. These include well-known breeds such as the Maine Coon Cat and the Siamese as well as the lesser-known treasures such as the curly-coated Selkirk Rex and the curly-eared and darling Scottish Fold.


Grooming demonstrations will be held in the Royal Canin booth. Learn how to clip your cat’s nails, comb those longhairs to keep them from getting their coat in tangles, and lots more.


Yep, we have vendors galore … dozens and dozens of vendors selling whatever pet-related items you need from toys, supplies & food to clothes & jewelry. More than you ever imagined. Come prepared to shop!


Tickets will be sold at the door. (Advance purchase tickets are not available.)

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