Services Available

We have developed a catalog of in-house services as well as a network of external service providers whose experience and quality we trust, to bring you a comprehensive array of tools for your show.

Electrical Services for Vendors

You can order electrical outlets, flood lights, gallons of water, phones and more for your booth at Expo. Click here to access the ordering portal.

Interior Decorating & Layout Design

We have partnered with Reber-Friel and General Exposition Services, two of the most respected expo design firms in the nation. Their local designers have been transforming our facility for years, and bring that expertise to your show.

Catering & Food Court

Our on-site food court offers a variety of tasty food, beverages, and beer at reasonable prices, ensuring that your attendees (and exhibitors!) never have to go hungry.

In addition, our catering partner, LG Catering, can create everything from delicious buffet spreads of any size, to sit-down dinners for 1000 people.

Electricity & Wi-Fi

We have ample multi-plug outlet boxes that can be dropped from the ceiling into almost any location on the floorplan. We also have fast, secure wireless internet access available throughout the facility.

Security Services

For shows that need to be left unattended overnight, as well as day-of security needs, we have partnered with Strikeforce Protective Services to provide well-trained guards and doorkeepers according to your needs.


We understand that larger shows often have pre-load-in storage needs, and we work to accommodate those needs where possible. Please contact us for details, whether you are looking to store a pallet of boxes or a small fleet of RVs!

Hotel Blocks

Our region boasts many excellent hotels, located a convenient distance from Expo, and there are three new hotels planned for the Marketplace at Oaks site. We especially recommend Homewood Suites of Valley Forge, who have shown themselves to be excellent in quality and in willingness to work closely with our event partners.

Marketing & PR

Our marketing partners 15 Minutes, Inc. have extensive experience in promoting events all over the region, and have the savvy and connections necessary to reach your target demographic.

We are also pleased to partner with designer and communications consultant Sarah Feidt, of Multitool Agency. She offers planning, copywriting, print and website design, advertising design, and more. As an added bonus, Sarah offers special discounts to GPEC clients for all services.


Valley Forge Convention and Visitors BureauIf you are looking to arrange area activities for your group, the Valley Forge Convention & Visitors Bureau serves as an excellent central contact point for planning any number of different excursions.