It has been a dream come true
to host the Suburban Home Show and Suburban Home & Garden Show at the Expo Center.

The wide-open spaces afford my exhibitors a chance to stand out amongst their competition and our landscapers make great use of the high ceilings and unimpeded floor plan. These amenities help us offer top-notch creative displays that give visitors a great shopping experience!

- Joyce Mockus, President, D & D Expositions, Inc.

The World’s Greatest Hobby on Tour
exceeded our most successful event by 20%.

In fact, I believe it was the best attended model train show ever held in the United States!

- Dave Swanson, Producer

Holding Your Show at Expo

There are many reasons to bring your show to the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center at Oaks.

  • Private ownership means less hassle, less red tape, and greater flexibility
  • Suburban location means greater accessibility from a wider area, with plenty of free parking
  • Oaks region is diverse and full of activities, restaurants, shopping and other amenities
  • Decades of professional expo center leadership means we know how to support a show in a world-class way, and we do it every time
  • A strong network of service providers and partners whose work products have been proven time and again, so you leave nothing to chance
  • A huge facility with a wide open floorplan means your show can look exactly as you imagine it
  • Clear, compelling, and high-visibility display on our online calendar gives your publicity that added kick

We work with you as your event partners, making sure that every detail runs smoothly. When the show is over, we want you to be thrilled with the service you received, and eager to book your event with us again.